About RST

RST was founded by a team of veterinary and nutrition experts who have studied and researched pet nutrition at the best univeRSTties for years. A knowledge-based team that produces dog and cat food in a completely professional manner, with creativity and innovation, using world-class knowledge. Our goal is to provide the highest quality, freshest and highest quality nutrition for your pet so that you can choose our food with ease. Our experts produce this food to make your pets live longer and healthier. In order to produce healthy and quality food, we only accept raw materials from suppliers whose facilities meet our strict quality standards and are approved by our experts. Relying on our human and technical capabilities, we have made it our priority to prepare for production and meet the quantitative and qualitative needs of our customers. Join us and enjoy our quality goods and services.



we believe that success depends on the supply of high-quality products that meet and exceed customer and consumer expectations of our brand products. Fundamental to this is the responsibility to ensure the quality and food safety of all the products we manufacture and export. For meeting this aim, improving the quality of Product and safety practices can strengthen production process, improve staff performance, and accelerate attainment of Sustainability Development Goals. RST organization has a duty to inform all personnel’s prior to the effective date of new or revised policies, procedures and methods. Failure to do so may cause a staff member to follow an outdated policy, procedures or methods. To protect the organization from any non-conformities, production documents are reviewed regularly during each working shift startup.

We are monitoring critical control points, related standards, procedures and methods to effectively manage food safety risks associated with changes in products, processes and technologies.


Investment in research and development (R&D) bring forth the foundation for the successful evolution of innovation and modern BUSINESS.

RST is well-aware that giving greater priority to research and development (R&D) investments will help to ensure our country’s future competitiveness and to pave the way for healthy pet food innovation.

Innovation has been at the heart of our company. Our research and development use innovations that always are dynamic and agile.

Each and every day, we try to make our products healthier to help consumers care. This would not be possible without our R&D capability and passion for quality in everything we do.

Behind all RST products is a team that is committed to create safe products with the highest quality.

Our R&D team takes important Steps toward Better pet food production which leads to healthier Life for pet. Safety and at the same time deliciousness based on superior quality-control technology is RST’s R&D main goal.


With our fast and easy access to high-quality raw materials, we have been successfully meeting the needs of our customers by supplying products that can be produced under their brands.

Considering the flexibility provided by our thoroughly manufacturing company profile, we are honoured to share our experience with our customers to give them the unique opportunity to pack their products by their own packaging or label design in their desired weights. Widely different packaging materials can be put to use as per customer wish.

We are here to listen to your suggestions, help you to find your desired products’ information, offer shipping recommendations and more. We also welcome your comments and feedback.

RST allows customers to design their packaging based on their interest, print their desired name, logo, address or anything else according to their need.

Let the globe to get familiar with your brand story and make impressive impressions through RST’s custom-designed packaging.