Creative veterinarians, experts in innovative food science produce this food to make your pets live longer and healthier. RST only accepts raw materials from suppliers whose facilities meet our strict quality standards and have been approved by the company. Not only is each ingredient checked to ensure its safety, we also analyze each product’s ingredient profile for essential nutrients to ensure your pet is getting the exact formula it needs. receives

Our research and development team reviews each ingredient to ensure its safety, and each product’s ingredient profile is analyzed for essential nutrients to ensure your pet is getting the exact formula it needs. He gets his needs.

Our nutrition and research teams have spent hours researching the nutritional needs of cats and dogs to understand the critical role nutrition plays in a healthy lifestyle. We put scientific knowledge at the service of pet health and well-being.

Please allow 7-10 days for the transition from the current food to the new food without digestive complications. Each day, add a little less of the previous food and a little more of the feed until it is fully fed. This gradual transition helps to prevent food discomfort.

RST’s head office is in Aras free zone-Iran. We offering 24/7 online customer services.

SAT –THU 8:00-18:00 IRST (GMT+3:30) Friday is the weekend in Iran, but we are always online on whatsapp: (+98)9124786253, (+98)9374156303

We prefer all communications by e-mail to                                          ,where your messages will route to the appropriate department. Of course, you may also use a telephone or fax to connect us.

Iran Office

Unit 105., Caspian Complex., Aras Commercial-Industrial Free Zone, Iran

(+98 41) 42259417


It is better to place an order by email our professional marketing team will get back at due course.

We do our best to deliver the goods at the lowest possible price to our is better to check the minimum order quantity with our sales experts case by case.

Yes, definitely. By consulting with our export expertise, we’re happy to discuss and present available options based on different factors such as your local market demands and delivery methods. Once you’ve shortlisted the products you’re interested in, we will arrange samples for you to test and verify particularity of product .